Jane Lambert

29 May 2017

My job is to keep people out of trouble, to extricate them from trouble as quickly and cost-effectively as possible if they fall into it, and, where possible, to help them make money from their intellectual assets.

I can advise entrepreneurs to choose the optimum legal protection for their brands, creativity, designs and technology as soon as the idea for a new business first occurs to them. I can help them make preliminary searches to see whether anyone has registered their brand name as a trade mark or patented their idea for a new product or process before them. I can point them towards others who can help them such as Business and IP Centres and PatLib libraries. I can tell them how and where to apply for grants, loans and equity investment. I can introduce them to product development consultants, patent and trade mark attorneys, specialist insurance brokers and other professional advisors.

I can help entrepreneurs and other business owners and managers, their angel and private equity investors and respective professional advisors include intellectual property into their business plans. I can help them develop an intellectual property strategy to complement their business plans. Such strategies can include choosing countries in which to register patents, trade marks or registered designs and specifying the nature and extent of their legal protection.

I can draft and review assignments, licences, joint venture and shareholders’ agreements as well as software development, source code escrow and other computer supply agreements, standard terms of business, franchise, distribution and all other agreements involving or relating to intellectual property.

If it appears that someone has infringed an intellectual property right I can advise quickly on the merits of the dispute, draft letters before claim or response and try to negotiate a basis for settlement before proceedings are issued. Should proceedings be issued I shall try to resolve them quickly through direct negotiation, mediation or some other sort of alternative dispute resolution. If litigation cannot be avoided I will represent parties in the Intellectual Property Office or civil courts.

If I can help you in any way contact me through my message form or call me on +44 (0)20 7404 5252 during office hours.